Sunday, November 29, 2009

some tastiness in the kitchen...'s not food, but it is eye candy.

I often tell overwhelmed clients to pick a small part of their home and begin there. How about beginning by downloading these gorgeous labels from Kristen from Domestifluff... . Sure, use them in the obvious place (ie kitchen), but don't rule out the kid rooms, craft room, mud room, laundry room, garage, office, shed, or even guest room. Once one area is looking and functioning beautifully, you will be surprised at how the bar will be set just a little higher throughout your home. Kirsten wrote, "For the first few days after I organized, I couldn’t stop opening the cabinet and smiling because everything was so much easier to find. I plan on keeping it this way!" Forget the Hokey Pokey, this is what it's all about! And to think it all began with some lovely labels...thanx Kirsten!

respect. reclaim. revitalize. your space. - Visual Girl

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Don't worry too much about the past, just focus on what you would like your future to look like...

...if you want it badly enough, the rest will take care of itself." - Visual Girl to client