Thursday, February 14, 2008

Visual Girl Home Therapy's First official blog...

Hi everyone! What better day to launch this blog than on a day to celebrate Love...
I feel so "hi-tech" with this blog! I am sending this link out to you to introduce a new service I am offering: Introducing Visual Girl Home Therapy...editing, organizing and planning your way to a more meaningful home. The "Visual Girl" is essentially my visual skills - making sure beauty meets function. But the "Home Therapy" goes way beyond art in the home. It is about reclaiming your space, instead of allowing its contents to take over. It's letting your home breathe again. It is about giving who you are (individually, as a couple, as a family - whichever catagory (ies) you fit) and your material possessions the respect they deserve. It's about revitalizing your home; not with renovations necessarily, but with color, furniture placement, plants, art, etc. And most importantly, in cases where your life has been suddenly turned upside down with change, it provides guidance and action.
Your life can seem to get away from you at accummulate, procrastinate, and just go through the motions until one day you look around and wonder how this all came to be. The intention of Visual Girl Home Therapy is to slow it all down - make you really think about what it is you want in your home, your life, your future. If you know someone who could use a little "home therapy" please refer them. Sessions are confidential and non-judgemental.
Don't worry, I am still using those cameras of mine. In fact, there is a brand new website (with blog-oooh!) and some very cool new products on the horizon. The two ventures have far more in common than I first thought - what adds more meaning to a home than personal artwork? I will keep you updated when all the new eye candy is up and running.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Feel free to check out the up-and-coming and send an e-mail if you have any questions.